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No time is a good time for water heater problems, but Denny’s Plumbing and Heating is always prepared to handle any job. Whether you have a minor leak or a major  problem, our friendly, knowledgeable technicians are trained and equipped to diagnose and repair the issue in a timely manner.

We Understand

If you suspect a problem with your water heater, it’s important to call a plumber before it becomes worse. Busted pipes or water in your home are issues that can typically be avoided if the problem is caught early enough. However, if a problem arises without any warning, we understand it might not occur during regular business hours. Don’t fret – we offer 24 hour emergency services!

From the installation of a tankless water heater, general service, to emergency repairs, Denny’s Plumbing and Heating has you covered! Our business is family owned and operated, providing honest work and exceptional customer service. Give Denny’s Plumbing and Heating a call today for a free consultation.