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Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement

You wouldn’t go 5 years without a check-up. 

So why should your largest investment – your home!

The Benefits To You

  • Free freon – up to 2 lb. max each spring, 410a only
  • Free filters – free standard furnace filters twice a year
  • Free gas leak check – and we check for cracked heat exchanger
  • 10% discount on all plumbing, heating and ac parts
  • Prolonged life of equipment – equipment that is clean lasts longer
  • No overtime charges – on plumbing, heating or ac service work for emergency service.
  • A springtime air conditioner check – a full maintenance & performance check.
  • A fall furnace maintenance, performance & safety check – we also check temperature limiting devices as well as gas pressures so you can sleep easier at night.
  • 2 year parts warranty – any repair part is warranted for a full 2 years instead of the customary 30 days
  • Receive priority response – only our vip customers are assured of same day service.
  • Safety & peace of mind – twice a year 12-point tune-up
  • Free carbon monoxide check every fall – know your home air is safe to breathe.
  • Lower utility bills – equipment running efficiently uses less energy.
  • Save $$, avoid repairs – costly repairs can result from neglect.

One Furnace & AC

Only $150

Two Furnaces & ACs

Only $280

Above prices are for one furnace and one air conditioner and are subject to change.  Take another 10% discount for each additional system at the same location.  Multiple property discounts available.