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My wife and I met over 18 years ago. We were engaged in 3 months and married a year later. We have 3 children who keep us on our toes. My wife and I both are active in the community with our businesses, kids activities and volunteering as coaches. My wife also owns her own business, Emily Barnes Photography. She is the talent behind this website.

I am grateful for my God, my family and my friends who have supported us on this journey as business owners. As our children grow, life begins to look a little different. Teenagers can teach you a lot about yourself, and give you a few grays along the way!

My philosophy in this business is simple, be a trustworthy person that customers can rely on. Be honest, always learn, work as a team and be an honorable worker. It’s important to me to get to know my customers personally. It’s more than a job relationship to me, it’s a friendship.

Company Basic Core Values:

Honesty – Be a trustworthy person that our team and our customers can rely on.
Always Learn – The past is the past… What does your future look like? Mistakes are investments. Knowledge is power. Be a student and then a teacher.
We are a Team – Encourage each other, be respectful to our team and our customers always. What
strengths can you add to our team?
Hard work – We have Good days and Bad days. In this line of work we can certainly have rough days,
but focus on tomorrow because 9 times out of 10 we will have good days. Always do your best quality
work as if you were doing the work for someone special to you. We don’t understand everyone’s living situation, but if we can help them we will be an honorable worker
We are Growing – Grow with us! Set goals. Where do you see yourself in 3 years with our company?
Balance(Time) – God, family, work, play. What does your balance look like?